Fantasy Team

You give us the players name and we create the fantasy team.....

Pretty Princesses

So so pretty.......

Irish Through & Through!

Wonder if he's a lucky man?!

Mummy Loves Chocolate!

Mummy would love this!

Pink Crown

So so pretty.......

Kinder Explosion

Yum Yum Double Yum!!

Aqua Baby Shower

So cute!

Peppa Love

Pretty Peppa!


You provide the diggers we create the edible building site!

Prosecco Love

Prosecco & cake, yum!

Sweetie Explosion!

Who wouldn't love this yummy cake!

Batman Logo

We can do this for any character

Top Gear

The Stig is still the best bit!

Star Wars

Two favourite characters combined

Crisp White & Burgundy

Classic colour combination

Sprinkles Perfection

Simply perfect for a very first birthday cake

Gory Halloween

Edible gore!


Simple but perfect!


We can do this for most cereals

Classic Black & White

Never dates!

Red Red Wine!


Birthday Cookies

Pastels never date!

Woodland Theme

Simply beautiful


For a little boys who loves planes!

Beautiful Bow

Such a big trend right now


Such a great film!

Gold Prosecco

Prosecco & cake, yum!

Ivory Orchids

Beautifully simple

Who Doesn’t Love Nutella?!

Yum Yum Yum!

Family Love

Such a lovely idea

Gold & Black 40

We can do this design for any age

The New Mr & Mrs

With horseshoes for luck too!

Gender Reveal Cupcake

A yummy way to reveal the surprise!

1st Birthday Princess

An edible tiara for the new princess

Crown fit for a prince!

An edible crown for the new prince....

Grandad loves whiskey!

The grandkids love chocolate too!

Delicate Crown

So so pretty ........

The Gruffalo

Such a fabulous story

Coral Flowers

Bright Unicorn

Kate Spade Handbag

Vehicle Crazy

Boys love cars!

Blue & Gold

Blue & Gold theme with added flowers

Sweetie Love

Tell us your favourite sweets and will will add them!

Elephant & Bunting

We can make this in pink too!

Gender Reveal

Pink or blue? Slice to see!

Apple Fanatic

We love Apple too!

Winnie & Friends

A lovely colourful design

Pictures Through The Years

Edible pictures from all the years together

Pearl Anniversary

We can alter the colours to suit any anniversary


We loved this cake and didn't want it to leave the shop!

Just to say ‘Thanks Mum’

Cake speaks a thousand words!

Cute Elephant

So cute!

Northern Soul

The beat goes on....Northern Soul will never die!

Simple New York

So good they named it twice......

Birdie Love

Just sooooo cute!!

How We Wonder What You Are…….

Such a lovely idea!

Say It With Cupcakes!

A delicious way to say happy birthday!

Pink & Gold

Pale pink and gold look so good together

Toy Story Crazy!

Still the best!

Easter Wedding

This was a perfect design for an Easter weekend wedding, we loved it!

Engagement Cupcakes

A great gift to take home

Silver & White

Silver & White always look so elegant

New York New York!

Perfect for the New York themed wedding

Cricket Crazy!

For a cricket umpire

Poppy Troll

Poppy troll is the best!


Unicorn themed cakes are so popular right now

Pearl Anniversary

Edible pearls for a pearl anniversary!

Rose Champagne

A perfect design for a birthday celebration

Manchester City Fan

We can make this for any football team

Logo Cookie

Send us your log and see what we can do!

A Vintage Cuppa!

Just so pretty!

Unicorn & Rainbow

Bright colours finish this design perfectly

Nautical Christening

Anchors away!

Belle & Boo

From the popular childrens books

First Birthday Simplicity

Perfect for a first ever birthday cake

Disney Princesses

A princess extravaganza!

Spiderman Cupcakes

Any age and theme possible

Minecraft Thank You!

A perfect alternative to a party bag, we can make any theme!

White & Pink Flowers

So delicate in soft pink

Man Utd Crazy

Perfect for a junior red!

Baby Olaf

Perfect for a 1st birthday

Minnie & Mickey’s Christmas

Everyone loves the mouse!


Great colours!

White Christmas

White on white looks so good!


Kids love emoji's!

Diamante Mr & Mrs

We can match the ribbons to your colour theme


Such a cute design

Christmas Jumper

Everyone loves a Christmas jumper!


Perfect for tomato sauce lovers!

Black & Gold Cocktail Lady

A striking centrepeice for a party


Finished with delicious matching cupcakes


For a retiring butcher

The Dark Knight

For serious Batman fans....


Always popular

Baby Shower Roses

So cute!

Princess Aurora

We can make a picture cake like this for any princess

Willy Wonka

Gene Wilder, the original and best!

Jack Skellington

Perfect for any Nightmare Before Xmas Fan


Every little girl loves Cinderella.....


Perfect for any Star Wars fan

Delicate White

A smaller recreation of the couples wedding cake with the addition of a few pink butterflies

Pastel Christening

Such lovely colours together

Batman Love

Finished with a handmade Joker & Harlequin topper


For a DIY enthusiast!

Aqua Crown

Such a lovely colour!

Ninja Turtles

We can do this for any character and age

Pink & Grey Elephants

A big cake for a big christening but we can scale it down!

Ivory Roses & Figures

Simple but perfect!

Beauty & The Beast

We can make any picture into a themed cake

Baby Shower Cupcakes

A great gift to take home

Adidas Love….

Perfect to share with friends

G & T Anyone?

Perfect for any G&T fan

Blaze & The Monster Machines

Very popular right now

Mr & Mrs

Not often we get to use pale blue on a wedding cake, it looked fab!

Pastel Flowers & Cross

Such pretty pastels together

Hot Air Balloon

Such pretty pastel colours

Cheeky Monkey

Monkeys love bananas!

Ivory & Pink Roses

Beautiful roses to match the colour theme

Retro Record Player

All the rage again now!

Sausage, Mash, Peas & Gravy!

Emily's favourite meal!

Cute Unicorn

The cake is finished with buttercream with shimmers of gold

Disney Princesses

Every girl loves the Princesses!

Jack & Rose!

For a couple who love to cruise together

Bows & Roses

Pure white elegance.....

Nerf Party

A Nerf party so a perfect way to say thanks!

Choo Choo!

So Cute!

Golden Flowers

Finished with hand made sugar flowers

Flowers & Rose

Edible delicate flowers and rose

Mickey Mouse Inspired

A large cake for a big 1st birthday party

Ring Box

An edible ring box!

Peter Rabbit

Good to see Peter Rabbit becoming so popular again

Ivory & Pink Pearl

Beautiful dusky pink and ivory look so good together

The Dog Came Too!

Don't forget the lovely pooch!

Ruffles & Rose

So pretty in pale pink and white


Clever boy!

Chocolate Explosion!

Every chocolate lovers dream!

Lippy Lips

Shopkins characters are so popular at the moment


An edible Chewbacca!

Pink Flamingos

Fabulous bright colours on this cake give it great impact

Ivory Roses

A real wow factor cake!

Communion Suit

A replica of Lewis's suit in cake!

Ice Lolly

A lovely summery design

Delicate Peach Birdcage

A beautiful design to match a beautiful room

Communion Cupcakes

A lovely cupcake for everyone to enjoy!

Bow Tie & Braces

A lovely design for a boy

Gold Flower

We have made this design in silver too

Bow & Bootees

So cute!

Film Reel

Complete with edible pictures from her childhood

First Holy Communion

This can be made in silver too